As in the story of Gideon, also in end times in the Matrix, God will not use all of His people to deliver them from their oppressors. Without human interference, He will personally select a small group of people who will not have to do anything but give the cry: “Come out of the Matrix.” And as it always was in the days of Gideon, this group was only made up of 300 men, also in the last days, God’s army will be incredibly small … much smaller than I can imagine. And these people will not need the usual means of communication used in the Matrix to launch their message, their outcry, and just like the three hundred warriors of Gideon, they do not need swords. No, because God in these last days will not be a traditional God … but a God who will personally face this battle called Armageddon.

He will not use politics, economics or religious media to stop the presence of evil in His creation. As a fan of Jesus, I will winess and participate in the sudden and incredible self-destructive implosion of the Matrix and its empire.

Will I be part of the three hundred?