There are Seven Matrixian rules in its darkness. There is a hidden hand coercing people, making sure that all important decisions made in the world, follow the objectives of the Prince of the Matrix. They are as follows:

  1. Divide to command: creating division for the masses in opposite fields politically, economically, socially, ethnically, even using religion, etc.
  2. Create a “planned and controlled chaos”: elicit a “peace” based on constant war, giving weapons to the people, resulting in accidents and more fighting causing them to weaken
  3. Employ “useful idiots”: trying to bribe and blackmail some of those in key positions in management and public affairs
  4. Choose subservient leaders: find future leaders among those who are unconditionally subject to the dark cause of the Matrix.
  5. Cheat the people: mold the mental map of citizens in his image and likeness, starting from childhood diverting their educational system.
  6. Misinform: manipulate the media in order to control the masses through misleading information
  7. Empty the people of their soul: accustom them to live on outward appearances and satisfy only their instinctive pleasures. Human beings lose sight of their Creator in a depraved society.

The Matrix wants to create such a state of moral decay, confusion and drunkenness among its citizens, that the cheated masses will react surprisingly, desperately looking for a patron or a benefactor to freely submit to. That is the time when the false messiah, the Prince of the Matrix, will be served on a golden platter (see Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22).

But this messiah, artificially fabricated in the laboratory of evil, will NOT divide, bribe, check, deprive nor cheat the true fans of Jesus (see Revelation 17:14). Victory is ours!