Do you know what weapons the prince of the Matrix is using to attack the fans of Jesus? According to the Bible, these weapons are:
– Self-sufficiency, Christians who feel spiritually rich
– Arrogance, religious leaders who present themselves as God’s representatives
– Blasphemy, religious denominations that believe they are the door 2 heaven
Jesus wants to open my spiritual eyes and make me see that I’m poor, blind and naked. He alone is the way, the truth and the life. Only those who have Jesus will be protected from these lethal weapons.

The Matrixian lethal weapon is so deadly 2 Jesus’ fans because it is hidden under the deceptive cloak of piety and respectability. The attack comes from where I least expect it. The closest associates of the prince of the Matrix can be found in the ecclesiastical world. The Bible calls them wolves in sheep’s clothing. They present themselves as friends of Jesus, but their true leader, the Bible reveals to me, is a roaring lion seeking to devour all the true fans of Good.

Only those who have a direct, sincere and daily relationship with Jesus will be able to expose these lethal weapons disguised with good intentions.