The enlightened era of the Matrix Generation is the era of pride, arrogance and self-exaltation. Even the would-be fans of Jesus in these last days suffer from this mania of exalting their EGO. Indeed, they believe themselves to be wonderful fans of Jesus, but Jesus in person admonishes them with loving determination, telling them that they are poor, blind and naked. But these pseudo fans don’t take this cry of alarm very seriously… on the contrary, they are proudly waiting to receive power and authority from on high… in other words, they are preparing to receive the second Pentecost in order to go and perform spectacular miracles in the Matrix. And their preparation strategy for receiving this divine authority (biblically foretold for just these times in which I am living) obviously depends on their works, doctrines and prayers. They participate in prayers and fasts worldwide but they don’t humble themselves before their God and admit their personal spiritual bankruptcy.

The problem God’s people have in this enlightened era of the Matrix Generation is not the number of their prayers but spiritual pride! I don’t dare imagine how much damage a pseudo fan of Jesus could cause if they were to receive the second Pentecost and with it the authority to perform miracles. His/her already swollen EGO would grow beyond all proportions, perhaps even beating the record of its prince, Lucifer.

The second Pentecost is about to descend, but it will only fill those who feel they are spiritual prostitutes and publicans, leaving the self-proclaimed empty-handed. That is the word of one who is meek and humble in heart: Jesus!