Why are you a fan of Jesus?

During Jesus’ life on this earth many sought him not for spiritual reasons but for the loaves and fishes i.e. material gain. Among those who followed him there were many attracted by the miracles and healing and by the hope of an earthly kingdom. They had not properly understood the deep spiritual significance of Jesus’ mission on this earth. Indeed, Jesus told them not to seek the “food that does not satisfy” but the “food that satisfies forever”. Then he added that HE himself was the “bread of life”.

If it were possible to obtain material gain with Jesus, huge crowds would accept him but Jesus doesn’t want a fan club driven by such motives. Just as food cannot benefit us if we do not eat and assimilate it, there is no value in Jesus for us if we only have a theoretical knowledge of him. And assimilating Jesus, the “bread of life”, leads to a Christian Style life.