Sometimes I forget that when God is at work, He uses absurd and unconventional resources. Just like in the days of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia when a golden statue was erected for everyone to worship. Then suddently, overnight, the whole world came to know the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Today all that God needs in the Matrix (the postmodern Babylon of my time), are some Shadrach’s, Meshach’s, and Abednego’s. Nowadays with “real time” communication the whole world will know at once, in the blink of an eye! Yes, when God takes control and ushers in the second coming of His only begotten Son, we will be surprised by the simple yet effective tools He will use to complete His work.

He will use methods and people that will unexpectedly surprise most of us. In fact, to do his work God the Creator will choose a few great men… men and women from among the common crowd, just as He chose his disciples from simple fishermen. The Almighty will choose and exalt those who are humble and who let His Spirit guide them, preferring the meek over those who are considered most capable and influential in the Matrix. This demonstrates that God is not dependent on “illuminati-enlightened” men who believe themselves to be so important.

Soon there will be an awakening that will surprise many. Anyone who does not understand the urgency, will be set aside and angels will work with humble and simple people instructing them to illuminate the four corners of this planet earth with power and authority.

And then shall the end come… Rather, the beginning.