God reigns! Who am I to say that the omnipotent God no longer has any reason to speak and that the postmen/prophets of the past have already revealed all the truths necessary to come out of the Matrix? How can I even imagine that the Matrix is not continuing to evolve in a chameleon-like way,  coming up every day with new, never-before-seen tentacles, becoming an ever more subtle, invisible, fatal trap for my soul? Didn’t Jesus prophesy to me in person that the virus of evil would make all the fans of Jesus fall asleep in the last days (see Matthew 25:1-13)? Hasn’t Jesus always promised that this is the reason that knowledge would increase particularly in these last days of deep spiritual darkness/sleep (see Daniel 12:4), offering His fans a “prophetic satnav” that has been updated with the latest road map of the Matrix, a ghost town with infinite “avenues and alleys” with no other objective than to guide my soul towards definitive detachment from my Creator and giver of life and thus towards certain and eternal death? Doesn’t  Jesus tell me today that when I go to the right or to the left, my ears will hear from behind me a voice saying: “This is the way to come out of the Matrix; walk in it!” (see Isaiah 30:21)?