All the citizens of the Matrix have been indoctrinated, muzzled and castrated with the false belief that they are only chickens that must remain inside the fence, designed by higher intelligences, of their chicken coop. The Matrix is a virtual chicken coop for humans, in which my mind and aspirations are held back and firmly anchored, by fair means or foul.

The pole star of Jesus’ fans reveals to me in the last prophetic verses of the Old Testament (see Malachi 4) that He will raise up, just as He did at the first coming of Jesus on the Earth, a messenger with the spirit and power of the prophet Elijah. This mysterious postman for God will be carrying a letter from the Creator to all the citizens of the Matrix containing an invitation to leave this false and mendacious as well as unjust and enslaving world (see Revelation 18).

The mission of this elusive “third Elijah” will be to take flight, demonstrating by deeds that I am not a chicken but a golden eagle, created by God to fly high… very high! And the flight of this powerful yet humble postman, will represent the fall of the apocalyptic Babylon announced by my pole star,  i.e. the end of the Matrix.

When the fans of Jesus, as well as the citizens of the Matrix, see their equal take flight, they will realize they are not chickens but golden eagles. This will be the moment of the awakening of every conscience. The liberation of me, slave, will correspond with the end of the Matrix “chicken coop”.

Soon this message of liberation and salvation will illuminate the whole Earth with the glory of God, the loving, omnipotent Father of me, golden eagle.