All truth without and within every person is to be separate and independent from any other; to experience feelings with their own nerve organs, to have individual thoughts and emotions, and to synthesize all these perceptions in the mind, all this in a world teeming with activity. This includes every single human being, from beginning of life to the end. An independent human being is in charge of his own individuality, his own will and thoughts.

It is a crime against nature and against humanity to force surrender and renouncing to their own sovereign individuality by law, deception, manipulation, threats, imprisonment, restraint or any other means of coercion, thereby essentially ceasing individual existence, or to become the mere extension of the will of someone else, taking on their thoughts, ideas, desires, goals and philosophies.

As a fan of Jesus, I know that each creature can benefit deeply from the wisdom of his own Creator, drawing liberally from His Word, raising it as his own polar star by which to navigate. And this Word teaches rather than demand; It makes us free rather than imprisoned; It heals instead of making us ill; It invites me to think instead of copying/doing with ignorance but to use sharp thinking. The Word of the Creator God is, indeed, like a North Star makes me always understand where I am compared to Jesus: my reference point. It is a light for my path (see Psalm 119: 105). It gives me more than answers, it gently gives me the truth. And this truth wants to make me free (see John 8:32).

On the contrary, the prince of the Matrix, does not want me to exist as a free, thinking and individual being. Uprooting my individuality, he viciously strives to stomp out each unique individuality designed by the Creator because it is overthrown by countless clones. His dream is a society made up of endless zombies. Yes, in his madness and in the lab of evil, the prince wants to replace the individual consciousness with a collective consciousness artificially created in his own image and likeness. This is his secret plan. In other words, he wants to transform planet earth into his own temple where he dreams of his own coronation.

But the fans of Jesus are illuminated by divine light and will not be hypnotized by this narcissism. They will be able to recognize the symptoms of this mental cancer. In addition, the true fans of Jesus instantly recognize the zombies, while the zombies will not have the slightest idea of their own condition of being emptied of their individuality, and continue to consider themselves as independent thinkers and free beings.

The Matrix has planned the murder of human conscience, erasing the existence of our individual mind. If I don’t take the personal initiative to turn on the light of Jesus (see Matthew 25: 1-13), I will end in blackness of darkness. And in the end I find myself in a totally enslaved world with no individual conscience, and populated by zombies trained as the perfect subordinates and totally dependent thinkers.