The Matrix needs me. It would suffocate, cease to exist without my energy, my soul, my work and my blind obedience. Its tentacles cling to me, sucking my lifeblood day after day, crushing me, holding me in a coma not allowing me to think or reason.

When I desire to use violence, then I’m right where they want me to be, playing their game with the astute commander-in-chief. The matrixian institutions harass me, empty out my pockets, pull my hair, mock and insult me, humiliate me taking away my dignity and freedom. They do everything to make me angry and fight. Once my temper is under their control, they know exactly how to handle me, because I am violent just like them … In fact, with Matrix inside me, I am trapped and they are in total control. When I react with violence I become an integral part of the Matrix! The only thing that the “illuminati” architects of the Matrix do not know how to handle is non-violence. Yes, a Christian-style character is the best strategy to escape from the Matrix.  And our rejection causes the downfall of the Matrix.  In fact, it is not self-sustaining but needs fresh blood.  This is drawn from me daily, even though I am often unconscious and unaware of being the donor.  An empty Matrix, without anyone to flog or whip, is a dead Matrix.  It’s like a prison without prisoners.

But something is happening: a firm, non-violent opposition is emerging. An opposition that has not been corrupted by the virus of the Matrix. A healthy opposition that is free and bold. These fans of Jesus will not be bought or sold. They will catch the Matrix off guard with non-violence and non-cooperation, exposing the system’s total dependence on the blind collaboration of its prisoners. 

The “reality” that the Matrix shows me is exactly opposite to the truth.  As a matter of fact, the prisoners are actally children of the King of the Most High, and the prison walls are made of sand.

It’s time for me to receive the royal crown that my Father in heaven has prepared for me, and break these paper chains that the Matrix tells me are made of steel.