My enemy, with perfidiousness, wanted to convince me of an endless tiredness. He insidiously suggested that I seek help, or worse yet, give up. His voice, persuasive but deceptive, insinuated itself into my mind, disguising itself as reason and wisdom. It seemed like a heavenly invitation to limit my dreams, not to believe in the impossible, to trust solely in my own strengths, both human and finite. But thanks to my North Star, I exposed the impostor, the liar, the prince of lies.

I wasn’t aware of it, I had never heard such words. I thought that my path was hidden from the eyes of my Heavenly Father, that He overlooked my rights. However, my Daddy who reigns in the heavens is the omniscient Creator, the architect of the farthest corners of the universe, both known and unknown. His watchful gaze and attention have guarded and protected me since my mother’s womb.

He does not get tired or tired; his wisdom is unfathomable. He gives strength to the tired and multiplies the energy of the exhausted. Even the young get tired and tired, the most robust falter and fall; but I, who have placed my hope in the Almighty, renew my strength, I soar like an eagle, I run without getting tired, I advance without getting tired.

I face the core of evil in its pure essence and emerge triumphant. The lie has been revealed, the trap has been exposed. It was nothing more than a veil of smoke to discourage his most feared adversary.

Now, I rise… the sky is not a limit, but a beginning. Every challenge is a promise of victory; every battle, a witness to my resilience. In this fight, truth is my sword and faith my shield. May every word of mine be an echo of my victory: whoever hopes in the Creator God will not only fly, but will touch the infinite.

(see Isaiah 40:27-31)