A story of premature death

Is God dead? According to modern Matrixian thought and standard, God is dead. In other words, God is not the source of any moral code of absolute value anymore. The Creator God died and I, a created being, can finally take His place.

Modern Matrixian culture has lost all sense of the divine, and does not see any higher purpose in life anymore. In their point of view, the Matrixian false prophets say “God is dead”, which is why a post-Christian philosophy is needed to fill the inevitable void caused by this death. Created beings will have this void in search of their Creator and the meaning to their own existence.

The prince of the Matrix, AKA the father of lies (see John 8:44), seems to whisper, just as he did to Eve in the Garden of Eden, that giving up the faith in my heavenly Father will open up the possibility of the greatest and complete development of my abilities as a man. The father of lies always maliciously suggests that my Creator will no longer be an obstacle to my:

      a) Enlightenment: I, man, will begin to understand the true divine value which would actually be in me,

      b) Apex: Admitting God is dead, this would mean starting with a clean slate, and then the absolute freedom to become something new, higher, even immortal;

So I myself would be a “god” therefore, could give myself the attributes that I accredited to God. This is the inevitable paradigm shift that occurs when denying God.

But the LIVING God, Creator of heaven and earth, omnipotent and the only immortal one (1 Timothy 6:16), will soon put the Matrixian false prophets to shame, permanently stripping off the sheep’s clothing falsely covering Satan, the leading wolf.