The last mile of planet earth

This dying world tries to move forward another step with increasing awkwardness, heaviness and a fear that takes our breath away. Could it be the last step, they all ask?

The masses are in agony, exhausted by all kinds of crises. Uncertainty is painted on their faces … faces furrowed with tears and stressed because of deep despair. Without a point of reference, their downward gaze seems to vanish into thin air. Planet earth is now heading towards the last mile, captains are rapidly leading the ship to a collision with a giant iceberg, just like the sad and famous story of the Titanic.

“If anybody can still do something, the time is now”, shout the reporters and the most diligent observers. But every created being is now resigned and seems to have devoted the last remaining strength in delaying the inevitable sad ending for at least a moment … an epilogue that everyone believes has already been fixed. So we entrust drugs to take care of us, legal and illegal, conventional and unconventional drugs, which promise at least some temporary relief. But this anesthetic effect is as much a lie as it is brief.

To the world and to us human beings that inhabit it: when are we going to remember that we have an all-powerful Father who is waiting for us with arms wide open? (yes, even with tears in His eyes). When are we, the living dead, going to decide to go back to God, the source of all life and the One who has promised and is willing to grant us immortality? Incredibly, however we have rejected it because we believe that doing things our own way would get us further ahead … yes, even believing that we ourselves would become gods? Oh poor fools, despite the deliberate deafening noise of the Matrix, do we not feel the birth pains that are becoming stronger and more frequent? Doesn’t all this make us doubt ourselves, that maybe it is the real thing and that Jesus, the only begotten Son of our Father, is coming to take us back into His loving and powerful arms?

Wake up, oh world, it’s now midnight and salvation is at hand!