The prince of the Matrix in these last days has injected an incredibly lethal virus into the fragmented people of God. This virus is giving, very slowly and thus almost invisibly, me, Jesus’ fan, theological schizophrenia. Indeed:

–          We believe we need a revival and rightly identify ourselves with the ten virgins but at the same time we’re convinced we will be the ones to launch the midnight cry. But isn’t that the divine cry that awakes the ten virgins?

–          We believe, again rightly, that we need a prophetic guide sent from heaven, but at the same time we’re convinced we already have the gift of prophecy promised for the last days. But isn’t the gift of prophecy a spiritual gift that will have a particularly powerful manifestation just before Jesus’ second coming?

–          We believe that the letter to the Laodicean church is addressed to us but at the same time we believe that we are the keepers of the law. But doesn’t Jesus tell us in this letter that, despite our works, we are lukewarm and we risk being vomited out of His mouth?

Can someone who really has the gift of prophesy be defined blind? Only those who are the temple of the Holy Spirit have the spirit of prophesy, demonstrating that they can see in the deep spiritual darkness of the Matrix thanks to the lamp full of oil.

Can someone who strictly keeps God’s commandments be defined naked? Only those who have Jesus’ character keep His law in truth, demonstrating that they are well dressed.

May the good Lord save me from this theological schizophrenia stirred up by the virus of self-exaltation and religious pride.